Single and Multi-Use FG Diamond Burs

Spring Health sets the standard for diamond burs.

Building on decades of experience, Spring Health Products manufactures diamond burs that are designed to improve cutting efficiency and reduce chair time.

The founder of Spring Health Products, Inc, Nathaniel Lieb, developed the electro-plating process for diamond burs and Spring Health sets the industry standard for this process.

Manufactured in the United States, the all-natural diamonds are uniform in size and distribution, and the particles are oriented at the most efficient cutting angle, which results in less heat and minimal clogging. Company materials note that the burs feature a concentric stainless steel shank, not plated, and a centerless ground that delivers minimal run-out, resulting in maximum stability at high speeds.

The Spring Health Products Turbo Diamonds reduce chair time as the spiral design cuts a smooth axial wall as a single instrument. The design also features diamond-free cooling zones, which allow the cooling water to fl ow and prevent heat, resulting in faster and cooler cutting with less tooth trauma. Because this bur cuts cooler, it is suitable for use in the bulk reduction required for crown preps and little finishing is required.

Fourteen dentists participated in the Dental Product Shopper evaluation of the Spring Health diamond burs. The evaluators commented on a range of features, including ease of use, cutting efficiency, and speed.

Ease of Use

Eleven evaluators ranked the product’s ease of use as excellent and 2 ranked it as very good. One evaluator noted the product’s ease of use was good. A Manchester, NH, evaluator wrote that the diamond burs “felt like I was using an electric handpiece when I really wasn’t.”

Cutting Efficiency

The entire evaluating team agreed that cutting efficiency was either very important or important when purchasing this type of product. Ten evaluators described the Spring Health diamond burs’ cutting efficiency as excellent, and 4 evaluators described the product’s cutting efficiency as very good or good.

An evaluator from Troy, MI, said, “These diamonds were very effective in cutting. They did not dull easily.” A dentist from Brooklyn, NY, also commented on the cutting efficiency noting, “The burs cut like a hot knife through butter…even after the first use.”

Chatter and Vibration

All of the evaluators agreed that the degree of chatter or vibration was important to consider when purchasing diamond burs. Nine of the evaluators commented that they felt the chatter of these burs were excellent, and fi ve evaluators found the chatter and vibration very good or good. An evaluator from Fort Washington, PA, commented, “this bur cuts effi ciently,with very little to no chatter. I would buy this bur.”


According to the manufacturer, the design features diamond-free cooling zones, which result in faster and cooler cutting, and the evaluating team agreed.

Eight evaluators ranked the Spring Health diamond burs’ speed as excellent, 2 ranked the speed as very good, and 4 evaluators agreed the speed was good.

An evaluator from Elyria, OH, noted the Spring Health product “has a smooth, fast cut. I was very surprised how clean the preps looked with such a coarse grit diamond.” The same evaluator added, “[This is a] quality diamond that has the speed and durability to compete with any diamond on the market.”

Overall Satisfaction

Thirteen evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend Spring Health diamond burs to colleagues. A Philadelphia, PA, dentist commented, “I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the burs and would recommend to anyone looking to switch burs.”

Overall satisfaction with the product was rated as excellent by 10 evaluators, very good by 2 evaluators, and good by 1 evaluator. One evaluator ranked their satisfaction as fair, and another skipped the question. Four evaluators mentioned that they would like to see a variety of different sizes. An evaluator from Baltimore, MD, noted, “I am quite pleased with the product. They handled very nicely. I liked the channels built in.”

An evaluator who ranked his overall experience with the Spring Health diamond burs as excellent summarized his experience, noting: “After my fi rst use with the turbo diamond, I was ready to replace all my current diamonds with Spring Health Turbos.” Another evaluator who also remarked that his experience with the Spring Health diamond burs was excellent commented, “I shared this product with dental students I teach. It was very well received.”

Diamond Bur Score

Awards & Recognition

  • Spring Health Products Diamond Burs were Awarded” Best Products for 2014″ by Clinicians Report (CR) in Their December 2014 Issue.
  • Spring Diamonds have been recognized by Dental Product Shopper as Best Product for 2011 with a 4.5 rating.
  • Spring Diamond Burs Have The Highest Performance to Value Ratio
  • Spring uses All Natural Diamonds that are Uniform in Size and Shapeand have Excellent Diamond Coverage at The Tip Ensures Less Heat and a Faster Cut, Thus Less Trauma to The Tooth. Spring excels atcovering the tip of the bur with diamonds, -the most difficult part of the bur to plate.
  • Concentric Bur Shanks that are Micro-Precisely Calibrated and Use of 420 Heat Treated Stainless Steel Ensures Less Turbine Wear and Ease Resulting in a Smooth, Fast Cut and No Chatter.
  • Increases productivity with less chair time in all preparations and restorations.
  • Spring Turbo Diamonds can Reduce Chair Time by Eliminating the Use of an Additional Instrument. The Spiral Design Cuts a Smooth Axial Wall as a Single Instrument. Diamond-Free Cooling Zones That Allow the Cooling Water to Flow and Prevent Heat Generation by Bulk Reduction Results in Faster and Cooler Cutting With Less Trauma to the Tooth.
  • Made in the USA. Spring has been Manufacturing Diamond Burs for More Than 50 Years!

Key features and benefits

  • Single-Patient Use diamonds available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 count packages
  • Multi-Use diamonds available in 10, 25 and 50 count packages
  • Reduces chair time through effective speed of cut in preparation of all restorations.
  • Less heat and clogging results from the use of natural diamonds that are uniform in size, precisely distributed and placed at the optimal cutting angle.
  • Less turbine wear and ease of cut are the signs of true concentricity by micro-precise calibration of shank diameters, resulting in a smooth, fast cut.
  • A smooth axial wall with one instrument is the result of the Spring FG Turbo Diamonds saving chair time. The spiral design allows water to cool through diamond-free channels for a faster, clog free cut.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America, by Americans. (ISO & CE)